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What Are The Most Important Principles To Think Of When Building A Website

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What Are The Most Important Principles To Think Of When Building A Website

What Are The Most Important Principles To Think Of When Building A Website
(Wednesday 5 August 2020)

So you want to build a website but what are the most important principles that you need to think of?.

Let's break it down and take a good look at it.

Know your target audience:

Before you build a new website you want to take a good look at the target audience that you will be aiming your products and services at. Your website should reflect the style and taste of your target audience. For example, if you are selling the latest fashion items then your target audience is most likely to be younger people. With that in mind, your website should reflect this with an energetic vibrant style.

The idea is to make your website look as appealing to your target audience as possible.

Recognise your most profitable products and services:

Make sure that you are aware which of your products and services are most profitable to your organisation when building your website these big money earners are what you will base your website around with keywords and search engine optimisation targeting people on the internet searching for these big money products and services that you offer.

It's great having traffic to your website but it's better to have that traffic for people wanting to buy your most profitable products or services. It also means that you require less traffic to make more profit from your sales compared to your lower-priced products and services.

Make sure there is a clear call To Action:

Once you have potential customers who have searched the internet for your most profitable products and services, make sure it is clear and simple for the customer to get their hands on it. Do not bog the customer down with unnecessary unrelated menu options and text that may only confuse the intent of this potential customer to buy your product or service.

Remember this potential customer will most probably have never been to your website before so simpler is always better.

Remember a potential customer is not always a buyer:

What do we mean by this? There may be many occasions when your potential customer may be very interested in your product or service but they are not ready to buy why right now at this time. So how do we keep them for when they are ready? The answer is quite simple, encourage them to give you their details. You can do this in the following way, once you have got the potential customer to the website and they have followed your call to action as well as giving them the option to buy also give them a form to fill out to get more information if they're not ready to buy now. On the form take their name and email address. These email addresses will be very useful to send out your marketing email too and help turn customers into buyers.

Keep in contact with your customers:

Make sure that you keep contact with your customers, don't bombard them with emails but when you have new products/services, sales or even free hints, tips and guides it will keep the customers coming back and eventually help them to become buyers.

Right so if you follow these simple principles when creating your website you will be well on the way to having a lot more success with your sales conversions and let's face it, it's all about the sales.




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