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Hosted MySQL Databases for Your Projects

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MySQL - Databases & Database Management

Freecom can setup as many MySQL datbases as you need for your project, they can also be combined with web space for hosting files or a website or web app. If you have web space with us we can install other services such as PHP.

(PHP is a scripting language that runs on the server. It's used to talk to databases, develop dynamic websites & web applications).

We can also provide Microsoft MSSQL databases as well. Get in touch for more information, assistance or your options.

What is MySQL?

MySQL database is a structured collection of data. This can be used for a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the huges amounts of data in a business network.

With access to a MySQL Database hosted on our MySQL Server, you can add, access, and process the data stored in a computer database.

Our MySQL Database Server is fast, reliable and scalable, and can be easily accessed using open-source software such as SQL Workbench or if we host your website, access with phpMyAdmin.


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