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The Problem With Yell Websites

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The Problem With Yell Websites

The Problem With Yell Websites
(Friday 7 August 2020)

We have experience with Yell from a few different angles. We have customers who have had sites with Yell and were not happy and we have customers with active sites with Yell that we have helped with the marketing.

So, we have looked at this from a few different angles over the years. The following details the most common problems that we see and hear from existing and ex Yell customers specifically in relation to Yell websites.

  1. Aggressive Sales

Yell has a sales team. And as is the way with sales, they will often make promises that the service can’t deliver on. What seems to happen is that the sales reps will visit business owners at their premises or homes and use sales tactics to get the contract signed before they leave.

There are many reports online of small business owners regretting signing up within minutes of signing the contract. A common problem seems to be that Yell make many verbal promises regarding the results but none of this is on the contract itself so there is little you can do once you are signed up.

  1. Contracts

Any service with Yell comes with a 12-month contract. And as with all marketing, it can be hard to know what is best till you do some experimentation. So, if what you sign up for is not working after a few months… well, you are stuck with it. Sorry.

In a recent review on Trustpilot, a customer states that he is having to shut down his business due to the fees from Yell. In another review, the salesperson had a customer tick a box without stating it was a 12-month contract. Not cool.

  1. Price

Yell present themselves as cheap. In reality, they are anything but. Websites start from £499, but in practice, the price we tend to see for a 15-page site with a reasonable design tends to be £4000 and above.

But the real way the price is bumped up is with the additional monthly fees for hosting (£96), premium listings on, and advertising services. One client we have recently helped paid nearly £5000 for a site and then was paying around £1200 a month for various services which were failing to deliver results.

  1. Poor Design & Templated Sites

It’s safe to say that design is not really Yell’s strong suit. But the issues here tend to go beyond that and the majority of sites in a given business category seem to be based off a similar template.

So, with a templated approach where the designer is just filling boxes, you can be left with a site that is very similar to many other sites and certainly does not really best represent your business.

As an example, you can conduct a search in double-quotes for the following to see accounting sites designed by Yell:

“web design by yell” 

Looking at these sites, you will see the same few designs customised for many different websites. There is a variation in colours and small text changes, but they are essentially the same site.

  1. You Don’t Own the Site You Pay For

Now, this is the real kicker. Have Yell build a site for you and it’s not yours. They build it, you pay for the build, but then you effectively rent it. So, whilst your contract may expire after 12 months, if you want to move away then you need to build a new site. So, this is a non-contractual lock-in of sorts. Clever, in a nasty way to keep you tied to Yell marketing and in the Yell ecosystem.


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