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The 5 Most Important Facts About Responsive Web Design According to Digital Silk

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The 5 Most Important Facts About Responsive Web Design According to Digital Silk

The 5 Most Important Facts About Responsive Web Design According to Digital Silk
(Sunday 9 August 2020)

Responsive web design (RWD) can add up to 188% in revenue to a company, according to some reports. Due to its user-friendliness across devices, responsive websites enjoy higher search rankings and, therefore, organic traffic, as well as on-site conversions.

Digital Silk, a global digital agency, outlined the key information to know about responsive web design, what it entails and how brands can effectively use the method of design to increase conversions.

The five most important facts about responsive web design are:

1. There is a right way of doing responsive design


  • Brands like Dropbox, Dribbble and Slack have compelling interfaces that have features like changing font and image sizes as the user scrolls, clean design, a hamburger menu CTAs that change on mobile


2. There is a screen resolution standard


  • Companies should use the most common screen resolutions for each device and according to those figures, curate the content, evaluate its readability and assess the aesthetics.


3. Responsive design technology has its own set of challenges & alternatives


  • The challenges to keep in mind are that responsive web design takes longer to develop, banner ad responsiveness is not up to par if not using HTML5 and loading speeds can be hurt.


4. The content layout can make or break responsive UX


  • Brands should know that the content layout should feature the value proposition center-left and users spend most of their time viewing the top part of the page.


5. Responsive web design boosts mobile conversions


  • The user experience on mobile should be smooth and highlight the value proposition and CTAs clearly to increase conversions.


The way content is presented across devices is an important factor in both Google and the user experience, and ultimately conversions. Brands considering responsive web design can review the top tips and facts to create a strategy that yields results.

SOURCE Digital Silk




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