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Hosted Email Service - On Your Device or on the Web

POP Hosted Email

POP3 provides standard access to an email account which is one of the most popular method used todate.

POP3 email is ideal for single users who want to access their emails either online using our own Freecom Webmail or via thier email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

Accessing the email via an email client downloads and saves all of the files locally to clients machine giving complete control to the user.

IMAP Hosted Email

While IMAP emails provide functionality to POP, IMAP accounts access the server and save emails differently, allowing the IMAP account to read multiple folders, rather than just the inbox.

This is ideal for users who want to access their emails on multiple devices or have more than one user accessing the account.

IMAP emails store the emails on the server as well as a local copy on the device itself (this is device specific), this allows for the account to access an email on different devices, for example, if you send an email from your mobile device, it will be visible in the sent items on your desktop.

Email Clients and Freecom Webmail

Both POP and IMAP email accounts come with Freecom Webmail, which allows you to manage your details on a daily basis from anywhere in the world as long as you can access the internet.

While the webmail offers entery level functionality, a dedicated email client is recommended. There are many differnet email client solutions on the market and our email service should work with many of them.

We have some guides over on our Email Support page for some of the most popular email clients available.


  • Access account via POP
  • Access account via IMAP
  • Access account via Webmail
  • 2GB Standard Inbox*
  • Expandable Storage Available*
  • Freecom Mailscanner Protection Enabled
  • Authenticated SMTP Available
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Email Storage & Adding Additional Space

Each account comes with a standard 2GB space available to store emails. For users who have the account set as POP, then the emails are stored locally on the device so they may not even use the availale space, however IMAP accounts will use the space by default.

In most instances, this would be more than enough for the average user, however heavy users of the email service may require more space which we can be increased without impacting your service, or your emails.

We can tailor the amount of space available, so let us know if you want or need more.

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